Ideal Clients Home Study Course - 13 CD Set

Ideal Clients Home Study Course - 13 CD Set

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Whether you are new to being in practice or business or a seasoned professional, this 12 Lesson program will help you get the clarity you need to build or revitalize your clientele and business. Recorded with massage therapists and spa professionals in mind, but suitable for any personal services professional or business. 

Each lesson will help you uncover your true desires for your business, eliminate hidden roadblocks, and discover new techniques for reaching and keeping your ideal clients.

12 Audio Lessons + Power Points & Exercises
Lesson 1 – Passion, Priorities and Your Perfect Business
Lesson 2 – Setting and Committing to Your Goals
Lesson 3 – Overcoming Obstacles & Being Open for Business
Lesson 4 – Making Every Client “Touch” Positive
Lesson 5 – Getting New Clients
Lesson 6 – The Art of Client Retention and Follow Up
Lesson 7 – Getting Clients to Rebook, Repeat and Refer
Lesson 8 – Retail, Upgrades, Upsells and Packages
Lesson 9 – Designing Successful Promotions
Lesson 10 – Online Marketing Essentials
Lesson 11 – Social Media Essentials
Lesson 12 – Implementing Your Plan for Success

An additional CD contains all corresponding presentations and handouts.